MPET Voyager Wire Crate Medium

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Brand new and retailing at R1995, the Mpet Wire Crate is perfect to crate train your young pup, making housebreaking easy for you and your dog! Crate training is easier on a younger dog than an older dog.

Crate training is also handy to help dogs learn to self soothe, or deal with their anxiety, when they become distressed during fireworks, a thunderstorm, or construction.

The familiarity of the crate creates a environment where the dog can feel safe and overcome their anxiety and stress.

The crate is also perfect for older dogs when they’re recovering from surgery or when they suffer from health issues.

Additionally, the crate can also be used to transport your furbaby in the car for long distance travel.

The wire crate has two doors which allows for easier loading of your pet. It includes a handle as well so its easy to carry.

It has a plastic sliding bottom drawer for easy removal and cleaning with anti slip features.

Made from high-quality, premium, durable wire material that’s safe for your pooch, it provides excellent all round visibility and ventilation for your pet.

The crate is sold flat packed in a box with easy assembly. When not in use it can be stored in a small area, folded back to its original flat size.

Medium – 76 x 48 x 53