Netgear Orbi AC3000 RBK50 Tri-Band WiFi System

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Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh WiFi System–Covers large homes up to 5,000 sq. ft with fast WiFi. System includes a WiFi router and one satellite.
Fast Internet speeds for all devices- The dedicated WiFi connection gives you the fastest and most consistent Internet speeds available, even as more devices connect.
Stream and play even faster with up to 3 Gbps combined WiFi speeds.
Orbi creates one seamless network, so as you move from room to room, your signal won’t drop.
Works with all major Internet Service Providers like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Fios, and more.
Quick & easy setup with the Orbi app–Pause WiFi, do a quick speed test, set up Smart Parental Controls, and much more.
Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant so you can use voice commands to control your home WiFi network.
Smart Parental Controls–A smart way for families to manage content and time online on any connected device.
Guest Network–Easily set up a separate and secure WiFi network for visitors to use without sharing your home’s WiFi password.
Your WiFi hero
Get super strong WiFi from the front door to the patio. No more buffering or dead zones.

WiFi superhighway
Stream in the fast lane with Orbi’s award-winning WiFi tri-band mesh technology.

Easy voice control
Pause your WiFi, turn on guest WiFi, and more. Orbi works with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Orbi App – Manage
Easily set up your Orbi WiFi and monitor devices connected to your network.

Orbi App – Pause Wi-Fi
Put the internet on pause for a specific device or the entire home. A handy feature especially during dinner and bedtime.

Orbi App – Speed Test
Run a quick test to make sure you’re getting the best internet speed from your service provider.

Orbi App – Parental Contol
Set bedtimes, time limits, and reward your children with later bedtimes and longer time limits. Orbi comes with Circle® on NETGEAR so parents can have peace of mind.

Color LEDs
Orbi gently glows the status of your WiFi & automatically turns off when you have a strong connection.

High performance RF frontend
6 dedicated WiFi antennas supporting Tri-band WiFi with dedicated 4×4 Tx/Rx backhaul.
2 antennas for Dual-band front haul connections to WiFi devices (2.4GHz + 5GHz Low-band).
Heat Sink
Cool, fan-less design engineered for heavy processing power for stable performance at high network speeds.

Red Dot Winner
Vertical industrial design enables ideal antenna separation, better WiFi range & minimizes RF crosstalk interference.

Ultra-fast WiFi. Wired or Wireless.
If you like the performance and stability of a wired connection, an Orbi WiFi system is a great solution for you. Connect more wired devices using the four Ethernet ports on the Orbi desktop Satellite.