Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-X Cellphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Original price was: R1,999.00.Current price is: R1,299.00.


Create beautiful, stabilised and exciting video content with the palm size Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-X Gimbal Stabilizer. The gimbal features a rotating design that weighs as little as 246g – making it easy to fit into your bag or even pocket.

Key features to this palm size gimbal include a three button operation that allows you to easily select settings to create smooth and stunning video content. Extend the grip to a maximum height of 260mm to capture the perfect angle; and a rotatable motor axis that can fold and hold its position at multiple angle. The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-X Gimbal Stabilizer is ideal for video vlogging and doesn’t limit you in any way. It allows you to instantly transition between landscape and portrait; frame and track accurately by simply selecting the desired subject and letting the SMOOTH-X do the rest.

Other cool features include gestures – making it ideal to capture the perfect selfie by showing a V gesture or even waving to the camera with your palm; Smart Filmmaking Mode that offers a plethora of built-in templates to make your video so much more exciting with music and other special effects; and with the built-in ZY Cami – you can make your video so much more exciting by cutting, clipping, adding music, stickers, subtitles and transitions. When it comes to creating cool video content, you can Slow-Mo your movement (currently only available on iOS system.); create Immersive Timelapse; capture stunning Pano to reveal a magnificent 180 view.